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Available as Chrome store extension, Firefox extension, Internet Explorer extension and Embeddable JS code

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Playzy Versions

Installer XPI Extension Chrome Extension JS Widget
Communications Contextual messages yes yes yes yes
Push notifications yes yes yes yes
Search aware notifications yes yes yes yes
White Label Custom Logo yes yes yes yes
Custom Theme yes yes yes yes
Use your game feed yes yes yes yes
Monetization Banners yes yes yes yes
Video Pre Roll yes yes yes yes
Social Sharing Facebook like yes yes yes yes
Facebook post yes yes yes yes
Twitter share yes yes yes yes

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    • White Label

      • 1.

        Our service creates custom-branded Playzy apps for its publishers.

      • 2.

        Designed to address a growing interest from publishers in making their games more accessible creating a more personal experience for their users.

      • 3.

        Uses any tracking system, providing a unique BI system for publishers

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    • Games Everywhere

      • 1.

        Display an unlimited number of games & update games dynamically.

      • 2.

        Promote your games anywhere on an advertisers website by providing advertisers with Playzy as a better solution to banners.

      • 3.

        Support for both browser and downloadable games.

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    • Life Time Value

      • 1.

        Publishers benefit with an out of game presence.

      • 2.

        Engaging users to become more active, increasing user retention by promoting new games, features & giving reason for players to return.

      • 3.

        Retention: Promote new games, features, giving reason for players to return.

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